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About Us

About Us

About Web Surfer Marketing LLC.

Web Surfer Marketing LLC. was founded in 2006. It’s a company dedicated to providing nationwide business enterprises with an affordable, multifaceted approach through a highly focused, profit-oriented Web site.

Our mission is to educate and assist businesses in achieving the most cost-effective way to maximize revenues via the internet. We will incorporate the Web site marketing goals of the individual client into a comprehensive web-development-plans to create a strong and lucrative Web site presence. Since 2006 we have successfully used a core set of internet marketing services including search engine optimization, pay per click management, online media and web development to enhance our client’s online presence.

Web Surfer Marketing has experience working in all major vehicles and has worked with every type of business model. Regardless of the diverse needs of our clients we strive to create one common thread. That is to insure that our work, whether It’s an SEO campaign or a web development project, creates a favorable experience for YOUR enterprise’s online visitors.

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In The Business - 7+ Years

Two Office Locations - Calabasas, CA & Columbia, MO

Guarantees - You will get the best possible online marketing campaign built for your company at an affordable price.

Client Success Rate - Greater than 83% satisfaction rate. We strive to achieve the highest customer (client) satisfaction!!!